Genre: Melodic Techno & House / Progressive House

New release by Univack, this time focused back in melodic-techno, (finally!) after some pure progressive releases.

Mexican producer Di Rugerio (Iboga / Uxoa Dutxa) is the main artist that leads this «Alma Negra EP».

In a minimalistic, soft, osbscure and clever manner, Di Rugerio is developes smooth sounds across the original tracks, adding in crescendo tension and euphory towards the breakdown. An excercise of elegance and concretion.

Netherland based Lake Avalon (Stil Vor Talent / Parquet) is the first of two world class remixeres in the package. His interpretation of Alma Negra it´s outstanding, giving «Alma Negra» sounds a more danceable approach.

Finest Leipzig melodic artist Schlepp Geist (URSL / Stil Vor Talent) is the second luxury guest in Alma Negra EP. Remixing «Dysphoria» in a more euphoric vibe, this polyfacetic producer demonstrate why is one of the german artists with the most promising present and future.

With this release Univack is starting a series of a highlighted releases for the second half of 2019, stay tuned.

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