Univack starts this year with a powerfull release that shows how strong this label want to highlight in the progressive and melodic scene.

The Spanish artist @integralbread (Univack, Mango Alley, Movement) presents his new EP, with 3 original mixes, different from each other, but all of them with consistent grooves and complex melodies. As usual, Integral Bread uses elements of different genres, like Techno, House, Electro, Deep, Trance, with a progressive and melodic taste, combined till to get an eclectic style making sense, in a timeless harmony.

The Brazilian artist and Timeless Moment’s owner, @morttagua , offers a diferent versión of Tahiche, stronger, chunkier, darker and epicer. Perfect track to hit the dancefloor.

The master @nick_muir (Bedrock) brings us a special and genuin version of Collage, with a robust groove, unexpected variations and an epic breakdown. A full of energy remix with a vintage taste that will go the dancefloor mad.

Feedbacks & Support: Above & Beyond, Roger Sanchez, AFFKT, Steve Parry, Paul Thomas, Graziano Raffa, Darin Epsilon, Ziger, Anna Lunoe, Rick Pier O’Neil, Paul Sawyer, Progressive Astronaut, Anderson Noise, Lonya, Aaryon, Alex Medina, Jordi Villalta, Amber Long, Lily Pita, Fernando Olaya, Stas Drive, Jochem Harnerling, Newman (I Love), Fernando Olaya, Amare, Nikko.Z, Armen Miran,

Website – www.univack.com
Souncloud – @univackrecords
Facebook – www.facebook.com/univackrecords
Instagram – www.instagram.com/univackrecords
Youtube – youtube.com/univack
Beatport – www.beatport.com/label/univack/10955
Bandcamp – univack.bandcamp.com

Lanzamiento de: Univack

Fecha de lanzamiento del EP: 5 Febrero 2021

Univack Records · Integral Bread – Collage EP (remixes by Morttagua & Nick Muir)

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