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– What´s that the humans call «art» master?
– Art is…the ultimate goal of life.
– I don´t get it…
– Life is nothing more than a random combination of the bricks existing in the universe. Compared with the inert, life is just a sort more elegant. Our mere existence is beauty, because we are the more improbable and complex combination of that common raw material.
– OK but…What about art?
– If, at the end, our most notable difference is only that we are more beautiful than a stone, then our highest purpose to be alive, cannot be other than generate more and more beauty.
– Now I understand … but it’s all very ephemeral…We die!
– When we die, the universe re-order our atoms, opening the door to generate other different beauties. We live to die. We die to create. We live to create. We die to live.


It´s not coincidence that the first LP released by Univack it´s signed by Integral Bread, one of the label owners.
In the last decade, this Spanish producer has been strengthening its sound into a more progressive club style. After a 2015 without too much activity, he shows the world what he was cooking in the shade, simmered: 13 original cuts gathered in his album titled WE DIE TO LIVE.
His music, elegant yet danceable, often has a dark spirit, always with progressions, arpeggios and synthesized percussions. Raw and visceral. A touch of classic German electronic music emerges in this record edited by one of the melodic labels that more attention has been attracted in the past year, with artists of major leagues as Ryan Davis, Pete Oak, Shiloh, Muui or Oliver Lieb among others.
Replete with progressive, ethereal and melodic Techno vibes, many of these tracks will assume a distinctive place in many sets during 2016. A completely focused compendium of cuts for the dance floor, which reach their maximum power when re-ordereded in the Live Acts Integral Bread offers on their tours.
Highlight new pieces as Timanfaya, Quantum Groove, Phobia or Melilua, which promises a lot of peal times in weekend clubs around the world. There are also special re-editions of some of his most acclaimed hits, such as Sell Your Faith, Brain Mousse,Transmutation, or Yerevan.

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