«The mind of the filmmaker does not rest a minute; a constant storm of ideas, dreams and nightmares intertwine and hatch in a whirlwind of creativity, expressed through the art. The filmmaker is a creator, the nemesis of a monotonous environment. His imagination is in permanent hibernation, crying to be released. The filmmaker is a rebel, an agitator of masses, always swiming against the river. The filmmaker, might born as a musician.»

With this spirit in mind, comes to the light this «THE FILMMAKER EP», new work by the talented Madrid based producers Problem Makers. This is the second release of this formation in 2015. It has 3 original tracks with the pure melodic essence of this trio, in addition to 3 remixes by David Granha, Pete Oak and Krink. You are going to like this one for sure.

Meanwhile, Univack Records keeps gaining fans inside and ourside the deep-prog scene, always embracing the whole range of clubby melodic electronic music. Artists like Ryan Davis, Muui, Andre Sobota, Oliver Lieb and Shiloh are only an example of the the most prominent appearances in 2015. And…it seems that the best is yet to come.

Stages of Sleep, the opening track, it´s possibly the most emotional piece on the EP. With a melodic atmosphere that takes the listener through the different stages of sleep, this piece is a real journey through the depths of imagination. The aseptic remix by Krink (Steyoyoke / Underyourskin) explores the dark side of the original sound, leading the style to the latest trends in dark melodic techno. Fans of the darkest melodic vibes like Stephen Hintz or Recondite to name a few, will love this for sure.

Soulshatter is the the most obscure track in the EP, clearly oriented to hit the dancefloor with the purest essence of the Problem Makers Live Act. In the other hand, the interpretation of the spanish melodic star David Granha (Natura Sonoris / microCastle), take the spirit of the original layers to a bright melodic prog-house path. Similar vibes that we can find in his recent release under the well known german label Steyoyoke, reaching very high in the top 100.

‘Gaia’ refers to the force that keeps the natural balance, this track intended as a tribute to our planet. A clear example of harmony and equilibrium with atmospheres that envelops your brain into the flow of the nature. Closing the release, the energetic remix by Pete Oak (Suara / Parquet), a whole melodic bomb with the timer set up to explode right at peak-time in clubs around the world. In one word: party.

Riva Starr, Edu Imbernon, Ryan Davis, Stacey Pullen, Cid Inc, Horse Meat Disco, Max Graham, Marc Poppcke, MUUI, Sonic Union, Luis Leon, Joe T Vannelli, Graham Sahara, BLANCAh, Aaryon, Just Her, Soulwerk, Rich Curtis, Sivesgaard, One Million Toys, Some Chemistry, Luke Warren, Gurwan, Kris Davis, Hush & Sleep, Nato Medrado, Lefrenk, TooL8, Paul Nazca, Simon Beeston, Marcelo Mendez, Anatomica

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