Polish dj & music producer Rafa’EL (Movements, Afterglow, Particles) presents ABSENCE, his first EP on Univack, with 3 amazing original mixes and 2 stunnig remixes by Betoko & Golan Zocher. A perfect combination where each track offers a unique trip with diferent landscapes.

The EP starts with ‘Absence’, an eclectic downtempo & electronica track, with a perfect harmony between its many complex elements. Slow beak beats, cinematic sounds, magic vocal and chords, and a main arpeggiated synth which will make you fly. The second original track by Rafa’EL titled ‘Lighthearter’ is a deep progressive house track which makes us dance with our mind and our body, across a magic universe mainly drived by a soulful synth… Perfect for a sunset! The third original titled ‘Yellow Doors’ -with its beauty groove, and awesome leads, chords and pads- is probably the most oriented to the dancefloor track that Rafa’EL has in this release.

The mexican based in London Betoko(OKO, Diynamic, Katermukke) gets a perfect club version of ‘Absence’, using the main original synths, and including his own elements to closed an awesome progressive and melodic house track.

The Colombian based in Israel Golan Zocher (The Soundgarden, Proton, Mango Alley) makes his own vision of ‘Lighthearter’, a bit more clubbing, also deep, and with a perfect lineal progression, only broken by a memorable breakdown.

Maybe this Absence EP is one the most wonderful releases that Univack has edited this year.

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Lanzamiento de: Univack Records

Fecha de lanzamiento del EP: 11 Diciembre 2020

Univack Records · PREMIERE >> Rafa'EL – Absence EP (remixes by Betoko & Golan Zocher)

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