Shortly after the recognition from he spanish electronic music press (Vicious Music Adwards, Djmag Es) of his previous album “Light Continuum”, in the end of 2016, and getting a huge support by the spanish audience and critics, the Canarian producer Javier Pérez, aka Resonance, keeps building his musical career with excitement, talent and faith in his own work, deserving of praise.
Now he presents an EP called “Light Athems” which is released by the spanish label, stablished in the city of Sevilla, -Univack Records-. With “Lights Anthems”, the artist revisits two tracks from his previous album “Scape Anthem”, “Light Continuum” and brings back “Jumping The waves”(a collaboration with the artist Hypersunday) turning them into more clubbing and danceable orientated. Indeed, all the tracks are actually live versions he´s been playing on tour throughout 2016-2017. In addition, this release contains an unrealised track called “Quiet Surface”, a true precious and overwhelming hymn.
“Light Anthems” will be lauch in digital format and a very ultra limited edition in Cassette.