Univack Records has brought together a true dream team for their next release. With a 100% dancefloor oriented spirit, Sezer Uysal (Suara / Univack Records) appears for the second time on the Spanish label (the first occasion was remixing Rafael Cerato), this time being remixed himself by well known artists inside the Melodic Techno scene.

Sezer’s strong original, «Sansur» («censorship» in turkish) lays the groundwork for the entire release, with its charasteristic acid line and a persistent techno groove comanded by a deep bass.

Alyne (Parquet / Soulful Techno), goes sutile like a surgeon with his remix, giving all the focus to the arrangement and the evolution, and adding more melody to the original stems.

Julian Wessermann (Kompakt / Stil vor Talent) it´s maybe the most serious and sober re-interpretation. Lineal and mental, surely we have a Univack´s bestseller from the first day.

Maksim Dark, closing the pack (SCI-TEC / Senso) in the other hand, goes hard and loud. Straight peak time rave sounds, hallmark in this Berlin based producer.

FEEDBACKS: Joris Voorn, Eelke Kleijn, Guy Mantzur, Petar Dundov, Citizen Kein, Solee, AFFEKT, Cid Inc, Tim Penner, Max Graham, Dale Middleton, Hazem, MUUI, Chris Fortier, Integral Bread, Lonya, Darin Epsilon, Artche, Progressive Astronaut, Verve, Martin Kremser, Don Argento & Paul Angelo, Aaryon, Emi Galvan, Sebastian Busto, Pedro Mercado, etc

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