The latest release on Univack is a great example of the breadth of melodic sound. Many different flavors, but one common soul.
From France, the rising star Georges Guelters starring a solid EP with clever remixes.

Oreol is a rare piece, delicate, dark and intimate, full of synths and melodies that keep the tension all time.
The turkish producer Erdi Irmak running a less sensitive, more powerful version of Oreol. Surely favorite track by DJs around the EP.
Clementine is the second song on the album by Mr. Guelters. An environmental issue, without battery, beautiful and perfect. Just close your eyes and listen.
The remix of Clementine by Loquai gently explores with atmospheres, reverbs and delays the sounds on the original cut.
Erich Lesovsky reconstructs the delicate character of the original with hypnotic and catchy groove, usual imprint on the music of this great German producer.

Georges Guelters – Oreol EP Univack Records UV029

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