Univack Records comes back after their particular summer break with a reference exclusively starred by the brazilian producer Nato Medrado.

«Evolving EP» is the second appearance by Nato in the Label, after «Wordless EP» in 2013. We can appreciate the great evolution in his music over the years. Now, he strikes with a better, mature, deep, complex and danceable music.

In this package there are two distinct parts separated by the track that gives name to the EP: Evolving, which is a piece of soft and delicate electronica, made with pasion and great skills.

The first part of the release contains more hypnotic, synthetic, dark electronic sounds. Blue Tension and Kontrol are two pieces of dancefloor focused progressive melodic techno/house.

The second part of this EP contains softer, more organic still danceable sounds. Supernova and Deepinside are moving between the deep and progressive house.

Summarizing, a complete release, with a full range melodic spectrum…a true reflection of the Univack philosophy.

Hybrid, Wehbba, Ryan Davis, MUUI, Paul Nazca, David Granha, Sonic Union, Luis Nieva, Erich Lesovsky, Integral Bread, Peet, Rich Curtis, Futur-E, Luke Warren, Elio Kr, Seb Mildenberg… and many more.

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