Univack comes back from a small pause in their releases with one of the biggest EPs until date.
A great pack of tracks starring the well known brazilian producer Andre Sobota, in his first appearing in Univack.
Original track gives to the Ep the kick-off and the guidelines with their recognizable bass synths line. Pure Sobota at its finest.
David Granha remix elevates the sweat in the dancefloor with a powerfull vision of the bass and synths from the original. Banger.
Danish prodcuer Sivesgaard, rework the Sobota´s track with the most creative and original approach, shooting a happy-yet-serious remix straight to the feets.
Elio Kr & Integral Bread sings a smoother and more progressive version, ending in the good way a solid release, with so many flavours inside. Univack strikes again !