The fourth various artist compilation by Univack has come. «Wide range electronic club music», the actual slogan by the spanish imprint, it’s obviously covered in this 4 track EP. Melodic-Techno, Prog-House, Melodic Tech-House and Electronica, all togheter.

Enlil Two, it´s the alias of a well known dutch artist. In his first release under this aka, this misterious producer deliver an evocative arab inspired track.

Bosek, spanish new talent that you are going to hear more about him in the future for sure, comes with a moogy track, an intricanted beast with stabs and percs, orientada para la pista de baile.

Integral Bread, co-owner of the label, joins the compilation with a dark psichedelic prog techno piece, with thousand little details to enjoy.

Finally Savaggio, show his progressive skills with a smoth journey with his very unique style. Original atmospheres and a complex arrangement.

Second release in this 2018 for Univack, solid vibes for the spring nights in the club.

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