«Inside The Univack» is the title of the periodical Various Artist EP compilation that Univack release each one year.

With this vol.5 Univack wants to bring a resume of the musical spirit that drive the label. Wide range of Melodic and Progressive club music, from deep and electronica to house and techno. Sometimes warm and sweet, sometimes dark and sharp, always elegant, daring to cross the thin line that separates these genres.

The three first tracks are the winners of the ‘Progressive En España’ tracks competition, celebrated the past year. @notdemure (Argentina), @orgymu5ik (Peru), Daniel Camarillo & Noíl (Mexico) were the champions, with 3 progressive house tracks which were choosen by an expert jury.

The other three original tracks offer a different taste to the compilation. The track by Iranian duo @highonmarsmusic is the stroger track in this release, a Melodic Techno track that will be perfect for the hotest moments of your set. @nassertawfikoficial (Spain) and @messiermusic (USA) have made another Melodic Techno track, with a solid groove and a memorable bassline and sinths. The compilaton is finished with a Deep House track by the Indian duo @whosaneofficial & @essio , headed by a funny and sweet vocals accompained by a warm rhythm and several offbeat music elements.

Feedbacks & Support: Wally Lopez, Ziger, Rick Pierre O’Neil, Lonya, Aaryon, Matias Chilano, Anderson Noise, Vinayaka, Lemon8, Amare, Integral Bread, Lily Pita, Suzy Solar, Newman, Priya Sen, Lorraine Roar, Aluria, Oscar Vazquez, Martin Kremser, Pedro Mercado…

Website – www.univack.com
Souncloud – @univackrecords
Facebook – www.facebook.com/univackrecords
Instagram – www.instagram.com/univackrecords
Youtube – youtube.com/univack
Beatport – www.beatport.com/label/univack/10955
Bandcamp – univack.bandcamp.com

Lanzamiento de: Univack

Fecha de lanzamiento del EP: 15 Enero 2021

Univack Records · VVAA – Inside The Univack, Vol.6 (Univack Records)

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